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The ISI mark is by far the most recognized product quality certification mark in the Indian subcontinent. The ISI mark is issued by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). There are 381 mandatory products which need ISI certification before being sold in India.

How to get ISI Certification in India?

The manufacturer(s) have to complete the testing and documentation required by BIS in order to certify the product with ISI mark. Factory will also require to get physically audited by the BIS officer.

Brand Liaison is an experienced service provider for ISI certification for Indian as well as foreign manufacturers. We help to manage all the required process to obtain the ISI Certification for products mentioned in the mandatory list or other optional products for which Indian Standard is available. For details, please check the Important Information given below.

Important Information - ISI Certification

Mandatory Product List

List of Products which require ISI Certification as Mandatory are as follows:

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Required Documents

List of Documents Required for ISI (BIS) Certification in India are as under:

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Costing and Timeline

Costing and Duration of ISI Certification Process is as below:

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Validity and Renewal

The licence to use Standard Mark (ISI) shall initially be granted for not less than one year and up to two years.

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ISI Certification Process for Foreign Manufacturer

Steps of getting ISI Certificate for Foreign Manufacturer are as below -:

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ISI Certification Process for Indian Manufacturer

Certification Process for Indian Manufacturer

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Lab Test Reports accepted by BIS

Test reports of the following laboratories can only be accepted by BIS:

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One Standard, One Application

Separate application for each product / Indian Standards is to be submitted for each factory location.

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BIS visit to the Factory for Manufacturing Assessment

Following shall be taken into consideration and verified by the BIS team during the factory visit -

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Specific Requirements to be Fulfilled by Foreign Manufacturers

The additional specific requirements for foreign manufacturers, who are having their factory location outside India, are indicated below:

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Preconditions for obtaining ISI Mark

The BIS grants ISI Mark based on successful assessment of the manufacturing infrastructure, production process, quality control and in-house testing capabilities of a manufacturer.

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Testing Sample Return Policy

The tested samples have to be collected back within 1 month from the date of issue of test report.

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Certificate of Conformity (CoC) Process

Steps to get Certificate of Conformity (CoC) are as below -:

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All other information about ISI Certification

Below is the FAQs sheet released by BIS office regarding ISI Certification.

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