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WPC ApprovalWPC / ETA Approval

For Wi-Fi & BT- Enabled Products


WPC-ETA (Wireless Planning and Coordination - Equipment Type Approval) is a regulatory process in India that pertains to the approval of wireless and telecommunications equipment before it can be legally imported, sold, or used within the country. The WPC-ETA Approval is administered by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) through its Wireless Planning and Coordination Wing. This certification process is crucial for ensuring that electronic devices and equipment comply with Indian regulations and technical standards related to wireless communication.

Manufacturers or importers seeking to introduce wireless and telecommunications equipment in India must undergo the WPC-ETA Approval process. This typically involves rigorous testing and evaluation to ensure that the equipment adheres to the specified technical parameters, frequency bands, and safety standards mandated by the WPC. The equipment's performance and emissions are carefully examined to prevent interference with other wireless devices and to guarantee its safe and efficient operation.

Obtaining WPC-ETA Approval is a legal requirement, and non-compliance can result in regulatory actions, such as equipment seizure and fines. This approval assures Indian consumers that the wireless devices they use meet the necessary quality and safety standards. Manufacturers benefit from it as well, as it allows them to access the Indian market, foster consumer trust, and operate within the legal framework. Keeping the WPC-ETA Approval up-to-date is essential, as changes in technical standards or regulations can require re-certification to ensure continued compliance.

Importance of WPC-ETA Approval

WPC-ETA Approval is important for manufacturers operating in the Indian market in several ways:

  • Market Access: WPC-ETA approval is a regulatory requirement for selling wireless communication equipment and devices in the Indian market. By obtaining this certification, manufacturers can access a vast and growing market with significant demand for wireless technologies.
  • Compliance with Regulations: WPC-ETA approval ensures that manufacturers' products conform to the technical and safety standards set by the Indian government.
  • Avoiding Penalties: Selling wireless equipment without WPC-ETA approval can result in penalties and legal actions. Manufacturers can avoid such issues by securing this certification.
  • Global Expansion: Some international markets may recognize WPC-ETA approval as a testament to your product's quality and compliance with standards. This can facilitate global expansion opportunities for your company.
  • Consumer Trust: Having the WPC-ETA approval for your products enhances consumer trust. It signifies that your devices are reliable, safe, and compatible with Indian network infrastructure, which can lead to increased sales and brand credibility.

Types of WPC Approval

WPC approvals in India can be categorised into three main types, each covering specific areas and purposes. These different categories of WPC approvals and licenses cater to a wide range of wireless and telecommunications equipment, services, and operational purposes, allowing for effective regulatory oversight and ensuring compliance with Indian telecommunications laws and standards.

  1. Equipment Type Approval (ETA): ETA deals with certifying the compliance of wireless equipment with technical standards and regulatory requirements. It includes approvals for various types of wireless devices, such as mobile phones, wireless routers, and radio-frequency devices.
  2. Network License: Approval to establish and operate wireless networks, including Wi-Fi networks, point-to-point links, and cellular networks.
    • Internet Service Provider (ISP) License: This license is essential for organisations offering internet services, such as broadband or dial-up internet connections. It is required for the establishment and operation of Internet services.
    • Experimental License: This license is issued for the experimental use of wireless equipment or frequencies by educational institutions and research organisations, often for research and development purposes.
  3. Non-Network License: Authorization for using specific wireless communication equipment that is not intended for creating a network, such as individual wireless devices.
    • Import License: Manufacturers and importers need this approval to import wireless and telecommunications equipment into India. It ensures that the imported equipment complies with technical standards and regulations.
    • Dealer Possession License:Dealers and distributors of wireless equipment are required to obtain this license to possess and trade wireless equipment in India legally.
    • Non-Dealer Possession License: This license is used for individuals or organisations that need to possess wireless equipment for non-commercial purposes. It ensures compliance with relevant regulations for the possession of such equipment.

If a product is produced in India and incorporates RF module(s) with ETA without any changes, there's no need for separate WPC ETA approval for the final product. However, a WPC ETA certificate is essential for products manufactured outside India before import. The ETA applies to the RF module in cases where RF modules are separate.

WPC ETA certificates can be obtained through self-declaration for wireless products meeting the following criteria:

  • The product is exempt from import licensing requirements according to the EXIM Policy of DGFT
  • It operates within the de-licensed frequency band

WPC Import License

A WPC license is mandatory for importing equipment except for broadcasting Receivers and TVRO systems. Even if the equipment has obtained a WPC-ETA approval, it must still secure an Import license if it is intended to be imported into India.

To acquire a WPC certificate for devices operating within de-licensed frequency bands, a comprehensive test report from a reputable laboratory needs to be submitted to WPC INDIA for evaluation. We assist our clients by facilitating equipment testing and preparing the test report in the appropriate format for submission to WPC India.

Brand Liaison specializes in guiding manufacturers through the WPC-ETA approval process. With our expertise, you can navigate the product approval process seamlessly, ensuring your wireless devices are compliant, reliable and ready for deployment.

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