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ISI / BIS Certification for Bottled water dispensers

ISI / BIS Certification is mandatory for

Bottled water dispensers

IS Standard : IS 17681:2022

Bottled water dispensers have been included in the mandatory ISI Certification Scheme under IS 17681:2022.

1.1 This standard specifies bottled water dispensers' safety and performance requirements based on a vapor compression refrigeration system for dispensing cold and hot water, including water at room temperature. It covers a bottled water dispenser with a rated voltage not exceeding 240 V a.c., 50 Hz for a single-phase and the rated cooling capacity up to and including 8 l/h and heating capacity up to and including 5 l/h.
1.2 The following types of bottled water dispensers are covered in this standard:

  • Bottom load water dispenser;
  • Table-top water dispenser; and
  • Freestanding water dispenser.

1.3 The product covered in this standard can have one or more combinations for dispensing cold water, hot water, and water at room temperature as follows:

  • Cold and hot;
  • Cold, hot, and room temperature;
  • Hot and room temperature;
  • Cold and room temperature; and
  • Water dispenser with an in-built refrigerator cabinet.

1.4 This standard does not apply to the following:

  • Peltier-based bottled water dispenser;
  • Self-contained water coolers covered in IS 1475 (Part 1); and
  • Point-of-use water dispensers (connected directly to the water line from the overhead water tank or connected through a direct water pipeline).

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