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Many of the products need the certain approvals & certifications before to be sold in Indian market. The kind of required compliance may be as BIS Registration, ISI Certifications, WPC/ETA Approvals, BEE Registration, EPRA Certification, TEC Certification etc. So you may need a helping hand for getting the approvals & certifications for your products, if you are planning to sell it in Indian market. Hereby we as Brand Liaison helps you to get your products certified & approved so that it can be sold in Indian market. Brand Liaison also provides the AIR Services (Authorized Indian Representative Services) to the foreign manufacturer which is a necessary norm for foreign manufacturer. At Brand Liaison you will get prompt & cost-effective services along with the consultative support to grow your business in the Indian market.


Our Unique Service Propositions
Cost effective

Cost Effective

  • Our services are reasonably priced, making it a great value for your money.
  • You can rely on us for the best possible price.
Easy Documentation

Easy Documentation

  • Proper documentation is the key for compliance services, registration or approvals.
  • We offer time-saving services to keep you compliant with the latest laws of Indian compliances.
Fast Processing

Fast Processing

  • We value your time, so we make sure to deliver prompt and effective services.
  • Our team is skilled and experienced in getting the job done quickly and efficiently.
job Tracking & Updates

Job Tracking Status

  • Our ideal tracking system offers you comprehensive updates on all aspects of your project.
  • We provide customizable updates so you're always updated about what's going on in your project.


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Know the Process

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