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ISI / BIS Certification for All rubber gum boots and ankle boots

BIS Certificate for rubber gum and ankle boots
ISI / BIS Certification is mandatory for

All rubber gum boots and ankle boots

IS Standard : IS 5557 (Part 2):2018

All-rubber gum boots and ankle boots are types of footwear made entirely from rubber, providing waterproof protection and durability in various outdoor and industrial environments. These boots feature a seamless construction with moulded rubber uppers and soles, offering superior resistance to water, mud, chemicals, and other hazardous substances. The design typically includes a reinforced toe and heel for added durability and protection against impact and abrasion. All-rubber gum boots extend up to the mid-calf or knee, providing full coverage and protection in wet and muddy conditions, making them ideal for agricultural, fishing, and construction activities. On the other hand, ankle boots offer a shorter shaft height, providing flexibility and ease of movement while still offering waterproof protection, making them suitable for gardening, outdoor work, and everyday wear in rainy or wet conditions. Both types of boots are known for their comfort, versatility, and reliability in challenging environments, making them essential footwear for individuals working or engaging in outdoor activities in wet or hazardous conditions.

IS 5557 (Part 2):2018 is an important standard for all rubber gum boots and ankle boots, ensuring their quality, safety, and reliability in providing protection to workers in various industries. This standard lays down comprehensive guidelines and specifications for manufacturers, covering critical aspects such as material quality, design features, construction methods, and performance requirements. By setting clear parameters for factors like slip resistance, impact absorption, electrical insulation, and durability, IS 5557 (Part 2):2018 ensures that rubber gum boots and ankle boots meet stringent standards for consistency and effectiveness in protecting workers from workplace hazards such as slips, falls, electrical shocks, and impact injuries. Adherence to IS 5557 (Part 2):2018 promotes regulatory compliance and contributes to the overall efficiency and productivity of industries by ensuring standardized production practices and facilitating market acceptance of this protective footwear.

Note: Obtaining the ISI/BIS Certification is a mandatory requirement for manufacturers of all rubber gum boots and ankle boots to sell their products in the Indian market.

As per Indian regulations, it is mandatory for manufacturers to obtain ISI/BIS certification for all rubber gum boots and ankle boots in order to market and sell these products legally within India. This certification serves as a crucial indicator of compliance with specific quality and safety standards mandated by the BIS for the production and distribution of rubber footwear. Without the ISI/BIS certification, manufacturers risk facing legal consequences and barriers to accessing the Indian market. Therefore, securing this certification is a vital step for manufacturers to demonstrate the reliability, compliance, and quality of their rubber gum boots and ankle boots. This certification process underscores the importance of ensuring the integrity and safety of such footwear, instilling confidence among stakeholders in the footwear industry regarding its suitability and adherence to Indian standards for usage and distribution.

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