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BIS Scheme-X Certificate

Voltage switchgear and controlgear


Scheme-X Certification, introduced by the Bureau of Indian Standards, focuses on ensuring the quality and safety of low-voltage switchgear and control gear products. BIS announced the replacement of Scheme II with Scheme X to ensure the safety and quality of low-voltage switchgear. The Bureau of Indian Standards, established as India’s National Standards Body under the BIS Act 2016, oversees the development of standardization, marking, and quality certification of goods. The Scheme X certification, governed by the BIS Act 2016 and Regulations 2018, provides:

  • Guidelines for manufacturers to ensure their products comply with specified requirements.
  • Gaining market access.
  • Consumer trust.
  • Meeting regulatory standards.

This certification is crucial for manufacturers aiming to adhere to national and international quality benchmarks. Under Scheme X, BIS supervises the quality and safety of low-voltage switchgear devices utilized in power distribution, control, and protection applications. The scheme enhances the reliability of electrical systems while safeguarding users and infrastructure against electrical incidents. Unlike its predecessor, Scheme II, Scheme X covers a broader range of products and imposes new requirements on producers.

Some key characteristics of Scheme X include mandatory compliance with the Indian IS 60947 series of standards, enhanced surveillance and monitoring, and a significant advancement in low-voltage switchgear safety and quality. Under this Scheme, manufacturers have the opportunity to obtain a license for demonstrating the conformity of goods or articles, hereafter referred to as products, to specified requirements. These requirements are outlined in the relevant standard or essential requirements specified for the product, or both.

Manufacturers may choose to demonstrate the conformity of their management system to specified requirements laid out in the standard, following the provisions set in Scheme - III of the regulation. Manufacturers and importers are required to comply with the Indian IS 60947 series of standards, including performance and testing requirements. The Bureau of Indian Standards conducts initial and periodic audits at manufacturers' and importers' facilities to ensure compliance. However, manufacturers and importers must apply for a new license or registration under Scheme X upon the expiration of existing ones.

Importance of Scheme-X Certification

Scheme-X Certification is important for manufacturers operating in the Indian market in several ways:

  • Scheme-X Certification ensures that manufacturers meet the necessary quality and safety standards mandated by the Bureau of Indian Standards, enabling them to access the Indian market with confidence.
  • Certification under Scheme-X signifies a commitment to product quality and safety, thereby enhancing consumer trust in the manufacturer's products.
  • Scheme-X Certification ensures compliance with national standards outlined by the BIS Act 2016 and Regulations 2018, helping manufacturers avoid legal complications and penalties.
  • By adhering to the guidelines and standards set forth in Scheme-X, manufacturers can enhance the overall quality of their low-voltage switchgear and control gear products, leading to better performance and reliability.
  • The certification process under Scheme-X focuses on ensuring the safety of electrical infrastructure and users, thereby reducing the risk of electrical incidents and improving overall safety standards in power distribution, control, and protection applications.

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