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ISI / BIS Certification for Air Filters for general ventilation

BIS Certificate for Air Filters for general ventilation IS 17570 (Part 1):2021 ISO 16890-2:2016
ISI / BIS Certification is mandatory for

Air Filters for general ventilation

IS Standard : IS 17570 (Part 1):2021 ISO 16890-2:2016

Air filters for general ventilation play a crucial role in maintaining indoor air quality by capturing airborne particles and contaminants, thereby enhancing the health and comfort of occupants. Technical specifications for air filters are determined based on their efficiency in removing particulate matter from the air, measured using the ePM (efficiency Particulate Matter) classification system. This classification system categorizes air filters based on their ability to remove particles of different sizes, with higher ePM ratings indicating greater filtration efficiency. Air filters are classified according to their Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating, which provides a standardized scale for evaluating filter efficiency based on particle size and capture efficiency. Air filters with higher MERV ratings are more effective at capturing smaller particles and are commonly used in environments requiring superior air quality, such as hospitals, clean rooms, and laboratories.

IS 17570 (Part 1):2021, which aligns with ISO 16890-2:2016, is crucial for the air filtration industry, focusing on air filters used in general ventilation systems. This standard establishes essential technical specifications, requirements, and a classification system based on particulate matter efficiency (ePM) for air filters, ensuring their effectiveness in removing airborne contaminants and maintaining indoor air quality. By defining parameters such as filtration efficiency, dust-holding capacity, and pressure drop, IS 17570 (Part 1):2021 provides manufacturers and users with clear guidelines to select the most suitable air filters for their specific ventilation needs. Compliance with this standard ensures the quality and performance of air filters and contributes to the overall health and well-being of building occupants by reducing exposure to harmful airborne particles. Adherence to IS 17570 (Part 1):2021 facilitates regulatory compliance and promotes energy efficiency by guiding the selection of air filters that balance filtration effectiveness with minimal pressure drop.

Note: Obtaining the ISI/BIS Certification is a mandatory requirement for manufacturers of Air Filters for general ventilation – Technical specifications requirements and classification system based upon particulate matter efficiency (ePM) to sell their products in the Indian market.

In India, manufacturers must obtain ISI/BIS certification for their Air Filters designed for general ventilation, which includes technical specifications, requirements, and a classification system based on particulate matter efficiency (ePM), to legally sell these products. This certification ensures compliance with specific quality and safety standards mandated by the BIS, ensuring the effectiveness and reliability of air filters in removing particulate matter from the air. Without this certification, manufacturers face legal consequences and restrictions in accessing the Indian market. Therefore, obtaining ISI/BIS certification is not just a regulatory requirement but also a crucial step for manufacturers to demonstrate the quality and efficiency of their air filters for general ventilation purposes, ensuring better indoor air quality and safety for consumers across various settings.

Only manufacturers (domestic or foreign) who produce the finished product will be awarded ISI Certification. This will not be given to any product importers, traders, dealers, or distributors.

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