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BIS Certification ISI / BIS Certification

For various product categories

Required Documents

The list of documents required for BIS/ISI certification is as follows:

  • Main Application Form V - ( View  /  Download
    (Primary factory and product category information)
  • ISI Application Fee - ( View  /  Download
    (Copy of Remittance / Payment Advice)
  • Copy of Test Report done within a month by internal laboratory 
    (Indicating product compliance with the relevant Indian Standard) 
  • Proof of Manufacturing Unit's Address 
    (Factory License or Tax Registration document specifying the manufacturer's scope)
  • Trade Mark Registration, if available  
    (Copy of Trademark Registration)
  • Certificate from concerned regulatory agencies for manufacturing 
    (If applicable)
  • Product Drawings  
    (As applicable)
  • Current Manufacturing Capacity 
    (Production capacity)
  • Raw Material Details 
    (Component names, supplier names, component quality certifications)
  • Machine Details 
    (Machine names, manufacturers, capacities, quantities)
  • Factory Layout Plan
    (Floor plan and technical layout)
  • Manufacturing Process Details
    (Flowchart of the manufacturing process, including any outsourcing)
  • Packaging Information 
    (Packaging size and quantity, storage facilities)
  • Details of Testing Equipment 
    (Equipment names, sizes, quantities, calibration status, and calibration date)
  • Quality Control (QC) Staff Details 
    (Employee names, qualifications, designations, years of experience)
  • Procedure for Handling Substandard Products
    (After manufacturing)
  • Organizational Chart of the Factory 
    (List of management personnel with names and designations in chart format)
  • Factory Location Map 
    (Showing the distance from the airport and city center)
  • Specific Requirements for Foreign Manufacturers - Click Here

Note: Separate application must be submitted for each product/Indian Standard and this applies to each factory location.


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