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BIS Certification ISI / BIS Certification

For various product categories

Process for Foreign Manufacturer

Follow the given steps to complete your BIS/ISI certification process:

Step 1:  Application Submission

  • Gather all the necessary documents
  • Submit the application fee along with the documents
  • Allotment of Application Number
  • Application scrutiny within the specified timeframe

Step 2:  Query Raised (If Any)

  • Notification regarding any missing documents or non-compliance
  • Submission of a response within the designated period

Step 3:  Inspection (Audit)

  • Payment of the Inspection/Audit Fee
  • Selection of an Inspecting Officer
  • Scheduling the itinerary based on availability
  • Conducting a 3-man-day inspection of the manufacturing unit to assess the testing facilities

Step 4:  Sample Testing

  • Examination of samples on the factory premises during the audit
  • Sealing and collection of samples to be sent to a BIS-approved Laboratory
  • Receipt of Test Reports by BIS (FMCD)

Step 5:  Grant of License

  • Confirmation of sample passage and notification to pay the Marking Fee and License Fee
  • Issuance of a Letter granting the License

Step 6: Indemnity & PBG

  • Signed Agreement or Indemnity Bond by the Authorized Indian Representative
  • Submission of a Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG) amounting to USD 10,000

Note: Payments should be made in USD to the BIS Account.


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