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ISI / BIS Certification for Electric Ceiling Type Fans

ISI / BIS Certification is mandatory for

Electric Ceiling Type Fans

IS Standard : IS 374:2019

Electric Ceiling Fans have been included in the mandatory ISI Certification Scheme under IS 374:2019. This product cannot be exported/imported or sold in the Indian consumer market without ISI Mark imprinted.  1.1 This Standard covers the performance requirements for single phase 50 Hz a.c. ceiling fans are driven by a squirrel cage induction motor, capacitor type, and brushless d.c. motor fans up to and including 250 V for household and similar purposes.     


  • The provision of a speed regulator operated manually or using a remote control device is optional unless demanded by the buyer or user.
  • For the purpose of testing by the inspecting and/or testing authority and/or the buyer, the manufacturer shall ensure that the required fan/speed regulator compatible with the fan is supplied along with the fans under testing.

1.2 The requirements for safety have been covered in IS 302 (Part 2/Sec 80).

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