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ISI / BIS Certification for Hydrophobic Portland Cement

Get BIS Certificate for Hydrophobic Portland Cement IS 8043 - By Brand Liaison
ISI / BIS Certification is mandatory for

Hydrophobic Portland Cement

IS Standard : IS 8043: 1991

hydrophobic Portland cement is a unique variety of cement that is made to either repel water or have a high absorption resistance. It is produced by adding water-repellent substances, like oleic or stearic acid, to regular Portland cement clinker. These substances envelop the cement particles in a layer that repels water, rendering the material hydrophobic. This kind of cement is very helpful for building projects where water intrusion may be an issue, including tunnels, basements, or locations that receive a lot of rainfall. Hydrophobic cement aids in preventing water from seeping into the concrete, which over time causes problems with durability and structural damage.

Hydrophobic cement has the same basic characteristics as regular Portland cement, such as strong compressive strength and good bonding with aggregates and other building materials, in addition to being water-repellent. The capacity of hydrophobic Portland cement to shield concrete structures from the deteriorating effects of water and moisture infiltration accounts for the cement's significance. In wet or water-prone areas, it is an invaluable instrument for guaranteeing the structural soundness of infrastructure and structures. This kind of cement is used to build hydraulic structures, including spillways, dams, and other submerged buildings.

All Hydrophobic Portland Cement models and brands are classified as IS 8043: 1991 and require ISI Certification prior to being introduced or imported into the Indian market. 

Without the ISI Mark, this product cannot be marketed, imported, or exported into the Indian consumer market.

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