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ISI / BIS Certification

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Important Information - ISI / BIS Certification

Requirements for Foreign Manufacturers

The additional specific requirements for foreign manufacturers, who are having their factory location outside India, are indicated below:

  • Application and other requisite documents have to be submitted in duplicate.
  • All foreign manufacturers are considered as ‘Large Scale’ as per FMCS norms.
  • The applicant shall nominate Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) for its operation of BIS licence. For nominating an AIR, the applicant shall ensure the following-
  • AIR shall be an Indian resident.
  • The nominated AIR is representative of one manufacturing firm only and doesn’t represent other foreign manufacturer(s) as AIR under the BIS Conformity Assessment schemes. However, in case of foreign manufacturers belonging to one group of companies and importers (related to the foreign manufacturer) nominated as AIR, the restriction shall not be applicable.
  • AIR shall not have any conflict of interest with respect to their role as AIR with testing of sample(s) in third party laboratories.
  • AIR shall preferably be at least a graduate by qualification and be able to understand the provisions of BIS Act, 2016 and rules, regulations framed there under and the implications thereof.
  • AIR shall declare his / her consent to be responsible for compliance of the BIS Act, Rules, Regulations and Terms & Conditions as laid down in BIS Licence, Agreement, Undertaking etc. executed by or on behalf of the foreign manufacturer in connection with grant and operation of licence.
  • The name of AIR is endorsed in the licence document.
  • The applicant shall confirm readiness for the inspection and should take all actions, like availability of translator, arrangement of air tickets, issuance of VISA and insurance, arrangement of transport in the foreign country, etc. for the officer(s), so that visit could take place at the earliest.
  • Responsibility for timely and safe deposition of sample(s) to the labs and remittance of testing charges lies with the manufacturer firm.
  • Fees and charges - All payments are to be made in equivalent USD by applicants of Non-SAARC Countries. All payments by the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) Countries (i.e. Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Nepal, the Maldives, Pakistan and Sri Lanka) can be made either in Indian Rupees with GST (as applicable) or in equivalent USD.
  • Agreement (View  /  Download) and Indemnity Bond (View  /  Download) are required to be executed.
  • Performance Bank Guarantee (PBG), of USD 10,000, from any bank, having RBI approved branch in India is required to be furnished, after grant of licence. Performance Bank Guarantee shall have a validity of six months more than the validity of the licence. (View  /  Download)


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