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ISI / BIS Certification for Oil Well Cement

Get BIS Certificate for Oil Well Cement IS 8229 - By Brand Liaison
ISI / BIS Certification is mandatory for

Oil Well Cement

IS Standard : IS 8229: 1986

A specific kind of cement called oil well cement is mostly employed in the oil and gas sector for well building and completion. Because of its special qualities, it can withstand the harsh circumstances found in oil and gas wells, especially in reservoirs that are deep and hot.

Oil well cement is made to endure the severe downhole conditions found in oil and gas wells, in contrast to regular Portland cement, which is intended for use in construction and other concrete applications. High pressure, high temperatures, contact with corrosive liquids, and the requirement for exact cement placement are some of these situations.

Oil well cement improves wellbore integrity, creates zonal isolation to stop reservoir fluids from migrating, and facilitates the safe and effective extraction of hydrocarbons from underground reservoirs. It is also helpful in tasks like cementing different kinds of wells—such as those for water, waste disposal, geothermal energy, injection, or storage—and grouting and repairing offshore structures. 

According to IS 8229: 1986, all varieties of oil well cement fall within the required ISI Certification Scheme.

Without the ISI Mark, this product cannot be marketed, imported, or exported into the Indian consumer market.


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