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The ISI mark is by far the most recognized product quality certification mark in the Indian subcontinent. The ISI mark is issued by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). There are 374 mandatory products which need ISI certification before being sold in India.

How to get ISI Certification in India?

The manufacturer(s) have to complete the testing and documentation required by BIS in order to certify the product with ISI mark. Factory will also require to get physically audited by the BIS officer.

Brand Liaison is an experienced service provider for ISI certification for Indian as well as foreign manufacturers. We help to manage all the required process to obtain the ISI Certification for products mentioned in the mandatory list or other optional products for which Indian Standard is available. For details, please check the Important Information given below.

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Certificate of Conformity (CoC) Process

Certificate of Conformity (CoC) under Scheme-IV of Schedule II, BIS (Conformity Assessment) Regulations, 2018 may be granted by The Bureau for goods and articles (products) manufactured as per the specified requirements given in the relevant Indian Standards.

CoC is mandatory for Stampings, Laminations and Cores of Transformers (with/without winding). The Indian Standards covered under CoC are IS 3024:2015 (Grain Oriented electrical steel sheet and strip), IS 648:2006 (Cold rolled non-oriented electrical steel sheet and strip), IS 16585:2016 (Fe based amorphous strip delivered in the semi-processed state) and IS 10613:2014 (Retro-Reflective Devices for Bicycles).


Steps of getting Certificate of Conformity (CoC) are as below -:

Step 1  :  Customization of Manufacturing Unit as per requirements for CoC  

  • ISI marked coils accompanied with their Mill Test Certificate
  • Setting up of in-house testing facilities as per requirements to obtain CoC

Step 2  :  Filing of the Application Form

  • Arrange the Internal Test Reports and MTC of steel coils
  • Compiling of all required documents
  • Filling-up the Application Form
  • Remittance of the application fees online directly to BIS*
  • Submission of hard copies of Application Form along with all enclosures to the relevant Branch Office (BO) of BIS

Step 3  :  Scrutiny of Application and Nomination of Inspection Officer

  • All the submitted documents and information shall be analyzed and any deficiency will be intimated.
  • A BIS officer will be nominated for Factory Inspection.

Step 4  :  Remittance of Audit Fees and Travelling Expenses for Inspection

  • Pay the audit fees for inspection*
  • Get the confirmation about BIS Inspection Officer
  • Organize the Ticket, Lodging & Boarding for visiting officer(s)

Step 5  :  Factory visit

  • A visit will be made to the factory for assessment of the manufacturing infrastructure, production process, quality control, testing capabilities, storage area, etc.
  • Inspection Officer will pick the random sample(s) to be tested with the available testing facilities.

Step 6  :  Get the Certificate of Conformity (CoC)

  • Head, Branch Office - BIS shall review the case and take decision on grant of CoC
  • BIS will grant the CoC

Step 7  :  Closure of Non-Conformity (if any)

  • Rectify the process of Factory Unit, if inspection officer points out
  • Submit the proof of rectification done by unit to close non-conformity (NC closure), if any

*Payment should be remitted in BIS Account.


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