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 Tec CertificateTEC Certification

For Telecom Products

Certificate Modification

Modifying a certificate for certified telecommunications equipment can be necessary under certain circumstances. Such modifications can either be made without re-testing or may require re-testing, depending on the nature of the changes and their impact on the equipment's compliance. Here's a breakdown of certificate modification in these two categories:

Without Re-Testing:

Modifications to certified equipment that do not affect compliance with approved Essential Requirements will be accepted without re-testing, provided the equipment remains in satisfactory working condition. Here are some examples of such modifications:

  • Changes in the model number or name due to alterations in size, shape, colour or enclosure of the equipment.
  • Model number changes that do not impact the hardware design.
  • Changes in the ownership, corporate structure or address of the company holding the certificate for the equipment.
  • Inclusion of the name of a new Associated Model not originally mentioned on the existing certificate but covered by the Bill of Materials (BoM) already submitted.

With Re-Testing:

Any other modifications to the certified equipment that affect its compliance with approved Special Requirements will require the issuance of a new certificate. Here are some examples (not limited to those listed below) of such changes:

  • Addition of a new network interface card.
  • Alterations to the existing network interface card.
  • Inclusion of a new Associated Model not initially referenced on the existing certificate or covered by the BoM of the certified model.
  • Incorporation of a new chassis, interface module or unit in the family of already certified equipment.
  • The modified equipment may only be sold or used after TEC issues a new certificate.

Changes in software, whether major revisions, minor revisions, patches, bug fixes or updates, do not inherently necessitate a certificate modification unless they result in non-compliance with Essential Requirements to which the equipment had previously adhered. The OEM is responsible for determining this and applying for certificate modification if required.


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