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TEC Registration / Certification is given to a Telecom Product or network which will be interfaced with Indian Telecom network. Any Original Equipment Manufacturer and Importer, who wants to sell, import, or use any telecom equipment in India, has to obtain TEC Certificate from Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC India), Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, Government of India.

How to get TEC Certification in India?

TEC Certification is given after testing and evaluating the product for compliance. TEC Certificate will be given to manufacturer.

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Certificate Modification

Without Re-Testing
Change or modifications performed on the certified equipment that do not affect compliance with approved Essential Requirements will require certificate modification without going through the process of testing. Examples of such modifications are: 


  • Change in model number / name arisen due to change in size, shape, colour or enclosure of equipment.
  • Change in model number without affecting the hardware design.
  • Change in ownership / structure / address of company holding the certificate for the equipment.
  • Inclusion of name of a new Associated Model not originally available on the existing certificate, but covered by BoM already submitted.

After examination of the application TEC will issue a new certificate reflecting the changes.


With Re-Testing
Any other modifications performed on the certified equipment that affects its conformance with approved Essential Requirements will require fresh certification. Some examples (not limited to the following) of such modifications are: 


  • Addition of new network interface card.
  • Change in the existing network interface card.
  • Inclusion of a new Associated Model neither originally mentioned on the existing certificate, nor covered by BoM of certified model.
  • Inclusion of a new chasses, interface module or unit in the family of already certified equipment.

The modified equipment shall be sold or used only after fresh certificate is issued by TEC.

A change in software, by way of major revision / minor revision / patch / bug fix / update does not necessarily call for certificate modification, unless the change has resulted in non-conformity or non-compliance to ERs, to which the equipment was earlier compliant. The OEM himself is responsible for ascertaining the same and applying for certificate modification, should such a need arise.


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