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TEC Certificate for IP Terminal, TEC Certification Consultant

TEC Certification for IP Terminal

IP Terminal

TEC is mandatory for

IP Terminal

Product : IP Terminal
Scheme : GCS
Group : B

TEC Certification is required for IP TerminalIP Terminal / SIP Terminal or IP Phone or an equivalent device based on the SIP Protocol TEC offers certification for IP terminal devices that can be used with TEC supported VoIP platforms. TEC has two types of IP terminal devices: those that are TEC certified and those that are not TEC certified.TEC does not certify every single make and model of IP terminal, but TEC does provide a list of specific models that are TEC certified. If a customer is interested in purchasing an IP terminal that is not on the TEC certified list, the customer can contact TEC support to determine if the specific model is compliant with TEC requirements. Certification is done by completing a series of tests, filling out paperwork, and sending in a sample device for review by TEC engineers. TEC Certification for IP Terminal under Scheme: GCS and Group: B.

Complete support in TEC Certificate is given by Brand Liaison. Brand Liaison helps in documentation and procedures for obtaining aTEC Certificate.

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