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Groups and Schemes in TEC, TEC Certification Groups and Schemes

 Tec CertificateTEC Certification

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Groups and Schemes in TEC

Groups in TEC

The Groups in TEC are made according to the time it takes to test equipment or evaluate test reports. The equipment is divided into three Groups: Group A, Group B and Group C.

Schemes in TEC

There are two types of certification schemes for notified telecom equipment as described below:

  • General Certification Scheme (GCS)

Under this scheme, the applicant has to submit compliance tests and test reports respectively according to Essential Requirements (ERs), from any designated Conformance Assessment Body (CAB).

General Certification Scheme (GCS) is applicable to Group A, Group B and Group C equipment.

  • Simplified Certification Scheme (SCS)

The Simplified Certification Scheme (SCS) is for applicants who submit a test-wise compliance sheet and Self-Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) in respect of parameters included  ERs. Test reports from CAB are not required to be submitted by applicant or evaluated by TEC under this scheme. Simplified Certification Scheme (SCS) is applicable to Group A equipment.

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