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Groups and Schemes in TEC

Groups in TEC

The Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC) has organized groups based on the duration required for equipment testing and test report evaluation. These groups, known as Group A, Group B and Group C, are designed to categorize and manage the testing and evaluation processes efficiently. Each group is associated with specific timelines and criteria to ensure streamlined procedures for assessing telecommunications equipment and test reports.

Schemes in TEC​

Telecommunication Engineering Centre offers two certification schemes for notified telecom equipment, each designed to cater to specific requirements:

General Certification Scheme (GCS):

Under the General Certification Scheme (GCS), applicants are required to submit compliance tests and corresponding test reports based on Essential Requirements (ERs) from a designated Conformance Assessment Body (CAB). This scheme is applicable to Group A, Group B and Group C equipment, allowing comprehensive assessment of telecom equipment compliance.

Simplified Certification Scheme (SCS):

The Simplified Certification Scheme (SCS) is tailored for applicants dealing with Group A equipment. Under this scheme, applicants submit a test-wise compliance sheet and a Self-Declaration of Conformity (SDoC) for parameters included in ERs. Unlike the GCS, test reports from CABs are not mandatory, streamlining the certification process for Group A equipment.

For further information, kindly refer to the Group Chart:  View / Download 


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