TEC Certification

For Telecom Equipments


TEC Registration / Certification is given to a Telecom Product or network which will be interfaced with Indian Telecom network. Any Original Equipment Manufacturer and Importer, who wants to sell, import, or use any telecom equipment in India, has to obtain TEC Certificate from Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC India), Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, Government of India.

How to get TEC Certification in India?

TEC Certification is given after testing and evaluating the product for compliance. TEC Certificate will be given to manufacturer.

Brand Liaison has the team of committed TEC Registration specialists who excellently utilize their skills and provide complete support and assistance in getting TEC Certification in India from start to end. For details, please check the Important Information given below.

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Important Information - TEC CertificationBack

Required Documents

Documents / Technical Details Required for TEC Certification

Legal address proof of the Manufacturing Unit

  • Copy of Factory License mentioning the relevant product as the scope of manufacturing and indicating the address of manufacturing unit - in English as well in original language

Trademark Details

  • Copy of Trademark (Brand) Registration
  • Authority Letter from Trademark owner, if manufacturing unit is not the owner of Trademark

Technical Details about the Product

  • Sample(s) along with user manual and accessories to run the product
  • Product name, Brand name and Model number
  • Safety critical components list
  • BoM (Bill of Material)
  • PCB layout and circuit diagram of the product
  • Mains power / SMPS Layout and circuit diagram
  • Details of series models, if any - please refer the series guideline View / Download
  • Copy of marking label
  • OEM support to configure the product for functional testing, if required

Details of AIR (Authorized Indian Representative), in case of foreign manufacturer

  • KYC of AIR Company
  • Details of signatory person

Additional Technical Details in case of Cell / Battery

  • UN 38.3 test report (Transportation of Dangerous Goods) for lithium ion cells and batteries
  • ISO 9001 certificate


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