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 Tec CertificateTEC Certification

For Telecom Products

Required Documents

The list of documents required for TEC Certification is as follows:

Legal Address Proof of the Manufacturing Unit:

  • Factory license copy, specifying the product's manufacturing scope and including the manufacturing unit's address - in both English and the original language.

Trademark Details:

  • Trademark (brand) registration copy
  • Authorization letter from the trademark owner (if the manufacturing unit is not the trademark owner)

Technical Details About Products:

  • Product name, brand name and model number
  • List of safety-critical components
  • Bill of Material (BoM)
  • PCB layout and circuit diagram for the product
  • Included samples, user manual and necessary accessories for product operation
  • Layout and circuit diagram for mains power or SMPS (Switched-Mode Power Supply)
  • Information about any related series models (for series guidelines, please refer to the View/Download section)
  • A copy of the product's marking label
  • OEM support for configuring the product for functional testing, if required

Information about the Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) when dealing with a foreign manufacturer:

  • KYC documentation for the AIR company
  • Details of the authorized signatory person

Additional Technical Information for Cells/Batteries:

  • Testing report for UN 38.3 (transportation of hazardous materials) for lithium-ion cells and batteries
  • Certificate of ISO 9001 compliance


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