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 Tec CertificateTEC Certification

For Telecom Products

Prior Requisition

Prior requisition is a crucial step in the TEC Certification process, ensuring that the necessary individuals are authorized to carry out TEC-related responsibilities. Depending on the origin and structure of the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer), the process differs as follows:

For Indian OEMs:

In the case of Indian OEMs or brand owners, any executive representing the company needs to be designated as an Authorized Signatory. This authorization is granted through an Authorization Letter issued by the company, which allows the executive to take on TEC-related responsibilities.

For Foreign OEMs:

Foreign manufacturers operating in India must nominate an Indian business organization to act as their Authorized Indian Representative and Signatory (AIR). The AIR is responsible for managing TEC-related tasks on behalf of the foreign OEM. This representative should be an executive of the Indian organization.

Note: If foreign OEMs do not have an existing arrangement for an AIR, a Brand Liaison can become their Authorized Indian Representative.


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