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TEC Certification for Router

TEC Certification for Router Group : C , Scheme : SCS - By Brand Liaison

TEC is mandatory for


Product : Router
Scheme : SCS
Group : C

TEC Certification for Router.IPv4 / IPv6 / MPLS Routers equipment equipped with a variety of interfaces. As an example, a typical service provider network may have components from multiple vendors.  Additionally, unified management can automate many tasks, further reducing operational expenses. TEC Certified devices are rigorously tested to ensure interoperability in multi-vendor networks. The TEC Certification program provides customers with the assurance that devices carrying the TEC logo will work seamlessly in their networks. With TEC Certification, you can be confident that your router will work with other TEC Certified devices, regardless of vendor.

TEC Certification for Router under Scheme: SCS and Group: C.

TEC Certification for HF Radios Equipment Covers the following five variants -

  • BNG or BRAS Router
  • Cloud Control Capable Router
  • IPV4 Router
  • IPV6 Router
  • MPLS Router

Brand Liaison gives complete support in TEC Certificate. Brand Liaison helps in documentation and procedures for obtaining a TEC Certificate.

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