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TEC Certification for Optical Fibre - Single Mode

TEC Certification for Optical Fibre - Single Mode Group :C , Scheme : GCS - By Brand Liaison

TEC is mandatory for

Optical Fibre - Single Mode

Product : Optical Fibre - Single Mode
Scheme : GCS
Group : C

TEC is a mandatory requirement for all classes of Optical Fibre - Single Mode that is to be sold in India. TEC-certified Optical Fibre - Single Mode is now available in the market with various features.

TEC Certification for Optical Fibre - Single Mode falls under, Scheme: GCS and Group: C

TEC Certification for Optical Fibre - Single Mode covers eight variants -

  • Optical Fibre - G.652.D 
  • Optical Fibre - G.655 
  • Optical Fibre - G.656 
  • Optical Fibre - G.657. A1 
  • Optical Fibre - G.657. A2 
  • Optical Fibre - G.657. B3 
  • Optical Fibre -G.654.D 
  • Optical Fibre -G.654.E

TEC certification ensures that the Optical Fibre - Single Mode you purchase is of good quality and will work efficiently. 

It also assures that the data stored on the device is secure and there is no risk of data leakage. So, if you are planning to purchase a Optical Fibre - Single Mode for your business, make sure it has a TEC certification. This will help you get the best quality product and will also ensure the security of your data.

Brand Liaison gives complete support in TEC Certificate. Brand Liaison helps in documentation and procedures for obtaining a TEC Certificate.

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