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TEC Certificate for Smart Camera, TEC Certification Consultant

TEC Certification for Smart Camera

Smart Camera

TEC is mandatory for

Smart Camera

Product : Smart Camera
Scheme : GCS
Group : B

The Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC) of the Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, India has recently issued a certification to Smart Camera with Cellular Connectivity products. This certification ensures that the products adhere to international standards and are capable of providing high-quality and uninterrupted service. The certification also acts as a quality benchmark for the product. In order to be certified by TEC, products have to go through a rigorous testing process that assesses all aspects of the product including performance, compatibility, interoperability, safety, and security. The Smart Camera with Cellular Connectivity products that have been certified by TEC is now recognized as being amongst the best in the world and will help boost the adoption of these products in India.

TEC certification for Smart Camera with Cellular Connectivity under Scheme: GCS and Group: B.

The certification of Smart Camera with Cellular Connectivity products is a significant step forward in promoting the use of these products in India and will help spur innovation and growth in this sector.

Brand Liaison gives complete support in TEC Certificate. Brand Liaison helps in documentation and procedures for obtaining a TEC Certificate.

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