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TEC Certification for Mobile User Equipment

TEC Certification for Mobile User Equipment Group : C , Scheme : GCS - By Brand Liaison

TEC is mandatory for

Mobile User Equipment

Product : Mobile User Equipment
Scheme : GCS
Group : C

TEC Certification for Mobile User Equipment including Handsets, Tablets with SIM, and Data Card. Devices used for voice and data communication with cellular connectivity. TEC Certification is the mark of conformance granted by the TEC to products that meet TEC standards. TEC standards are developed keeping in view the state-of-the-art technologies as well as global practices. TEC has been vested with the responsibility of certifying that telecom equipment imported into India complies with the TEC standards. The TEC logo on a product is an indication that it has been through the certification process and meets all TEC standards. TEC standards cover essential requirements related to safety, EMF, energy efficiency, and RF exposure limit for telecom products including mobile devices such as handsets, tablets, etc.

TEC Certification for Mobile User Equipment under Scheme: GCS and Group: C.

TEC Certification for HF Radios Equipment Covers the following five variants -

  • Mobile Data Card or Dongle with WiFi 
  • Mobile Data Card or Dongle without WiFi
  • Mobile Handset 
  • Mobile Handset without Data 
  • Mobile Tablet

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