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TEC Certification for HF Radio

TEC Certification for HF Radio Group : C , Scheme : GCS - By Brand Liaison

TEC is mandatory for

HF Radio

Product : HF Radio
Scheme : GCS
Group : C

HF radios are required to be certified by TEC for use in the HF radio spectrum. HF mobile stations, handheld portable stations, and baseband equipment without radio are also certified by TEC. TEC certification ensures that these devices comply with the requirements of the HF radio spectrum and are capable of operating in the HF radio environment. The certification process includes testing and assessment of the device's emission levels, frequency stability, power output, modulation capabilities, and other performance characteristics. TEC also evaluates the device's compliance with the applicable standards for antennae, cabling, connectors, and power supplies. Once a device is certified by TEC, it can be used in any country that recognizes TEC certification. TEC-certified devices are recognized around the world as being compliant with the highest standards for HF radio equipment.

TEC Certification for HF radio base station and user terminals under Scheme: GCS and Group: B.


TEC Certification for HF Radios Equipment Covers the following six variants -

  • HF Base Station - Baseband plus Radio 
  • HF Base Station - Radio Only 
  • HF Baseband Equipment without Radio 
  • HF Fixed Station 
  • HF Handheld Portable Stations
  • HF Mobile Stations

Complete support in TEC Certificate is given by Brand Liaison. Brand Liaison helps in documentation and procedures for obtaining a TEC Certificate.

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