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Fixing of BIS Logo on Product

The Bureau of Indian Standards has mandated that the BIS Logo be affixed to every registered product and its packaging after obtaining the BIS Registration Number for that specific product. The logo should be durable and resistant to washing. The recommended method is to either stamp or print the logo on the product or its packaging. The logo must be clearly visible, and attaching it to the marking label or in close proximity is considered the preferred option.

Note: No product can be legally sold, exported, or imported into India without having both the BIS logo and BIS number affixed.


The BIS Logo should contain the following details:

  • IS Standard Number
  • Icon (BIS)
  • Registration Number
  • URL of BIS Website (www.bis.org.in)

The specific guidelines for the logo have been established by the BIS Office - View  /  Download


Samples of the logo are provided below for your reference (Brand Name-BLI):

Fixing BIS Logo on Product


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