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BIS / CRS Registration for Trimethyl Phosphite Technical Grade

Trimethyl Phosphite Technical Grade
BIS / CRS is mandatory for

Trimethyl Phosphite Technical Grade

IS Standard : IS 17412:2020

Trimethyl phosphite, in its technical grade form, is a chemical compound with various industrial applications. It is primarily used as a versatile reagent in organic synthesis and the production of agricultural chemicals. Trimethyl phosphite is an essential intermediate in synthesising various organophosphorus compounds, which are used in agrochemicals, flame retardants, and pharmaceuticals. It is employed in manufacturing pesticides and herbicides, contributing to the protection and enhancement of agricultural crops. Its ability to function as a phosphorus source makes it a valuable ingredient in the development of diverse chemical compounds.

IS 17412:2020 specifies the requirements for Trimethyl Phosphite Technical Grade. These standards define the quality parameters that Trimethyl Phosphite must meet, ensuring that the product is of high quality and consistent. Manufacturers need to adhere to these specifications to produce Trimethyl Phosphite that meets the required quality standards. Compliance with these standards is often required to meet local and international regulations for the production and sale of Trimethyl Phosphite. Manufacturers must adhere to these standards to ensure that their products are legal and compliant with industry regulations.

Note: Manufacturers of Trimethyl Phosphite Technical Grade are required to obtain the mandatory BIS/CRS Registration to launch their products in the Indian market.

BIS/CRS Registration is essential for Trimethyl Phosphite Technical Grade, emphasising the rigorous quality and safety standards that must be met in the manufacturing and distribution of this chemical compound. BIS registration ensures that Trimethyl Phosphite Technical Grade complies with specific quality and safety criteria, ensuring its suitability for intended purposes. It aligns with India's commitment to regulating chemicals in the market according to established standards, fostering a foundation of safety and dependability for industries and consumers alike.


About BIS/CRS Registration

Bureau of Indian Standards is a statutory body in India responsible for the formulation and implementation of standards to ensure the quality and safety of various products. Under the BIS framework, there exists a scheme called CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme), which mandates that certain categories of products must undergo mandatory registration and comply with specified quality and safety standards before they can be sold in the Indian market. This scheme was established in 2012 and has since played a crucial role in enhancing product quality and safety in India by ensuring that items such as electronics, appliances and automotive components meet the necessary standards before they reach consumers. BIS/CRS Registration is vital for market access, as it is a legal requirement for selling the product in India. Failure to obtain this registration can result in confiscation of goods and legal consequences. Therefore, manufacturers and importers need to be diligent in ensuring their products meet the necessary criteria.


Required Documents for BIS/CRS Registration

The list of documents required for BIS/CRS registration is as follows:

  • PCB Layout
  • Schematic Diagram
  • User Manual

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Process for BIS/CRS Registration

Follow the given steps to complete your BIS/CRS registration process:

Step 1: Register on the BIS portal and obtain your login credentials

Step 2: Choose a test lab and generate a test request

Step 3: Submit the sample(s) to the lab

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