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BIS Certification BIS / CRS Registration

For IT & Electronics Products

Importer / Trader Guidelines

  • The BIS Registration Certificate is exclusively issued to manufacturing units and cannot be obtained by importers or traders in their own name.
  • Importers and traders must acquire BIS Registration for their respective manufacturing units before they can proceed with ordering scheduled electronic items. They have the option to initiate and coordinate the BIS Registration process on behalf of their manufacturing unit.
  • Importers and traders can request their manufacturing unit to obtain BIS Registration in the brand name of the importer or trader.
  • Importers and traders can also act as the Indian Representative for foreign manufacturing units, as having an Indian Representative is a mandatory requirement for obtaining BIS Registration.
  • Comply with BIS labelling requirements by ensuring that the products are appropriately labelled with the BIS certification mark and other mandatory information.
  • Keep comprehensive records of your product registration, test reports, compliance documents, and certification. These records may be necessary for future inspections or audits.
  • BIS/CRS registrations are typically valid for a specific period, and they need to be renewed before they expire. Make sure to plan for timely renewals to avoid disruptions in product import and trade.

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BIS / CRS Registration
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