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BIS / CRS Registration for Electronics Games (Video)

Electronics Games (Video)
BIS / CRS is mandatory for

Electronics Games (Video)

IS Standard : IS 616:2010

Interactive video games are commonly referred to as electronic video games, and they can be played on a variety of devices, including cell phones, home gaming consoles, video arcades, and personal computers. Globally, this type of entertainment has become incredibly popular. Playing video games has several benefits, including improved concentration, creativity, memory, language proficiency, and teamwork. They can help with the development of cognitive skills and the acquisition of educational resources.

The classic game era has evolved into a constant growth phase. In terms of digital interactive entertainment, the gaming industry leads the world. The gaming industry is expected to be valued at roughly $245.10 billion in 2023 and rise to roughly $376.08 billion by 2028, indicating a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 8.94% during the 2023–2028 estimates period.

Electronic video games came under the BIS Compulsory Registration Scheme in July 2013, when they were included in Schedule II of Scheme II. Given that video games are popular with people of all ages, but notably with kids, the Government of India and BIS have made it mandatory for video games to be registered in accordance with IS 616:2010* requirements. 

Every electronic video game manufacturer is required to obtain BIS CRS registration before selling in the Indian market.


About BIS CRS Registration

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) in India is responsible for awarding BIS Registration. 2012 saw the launch of the Compulsory Registration Scheme (CRS) by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY). Testing, assessment, and adherence to technical specifications are all part of the BIS CRS registration procedure, which aims to guarantee the quality and safety of electronic goods meant for Indian customers. 


Documents Required for BIS CRS Registration

Here is a list of essential documents necessary for BIS CRS Registration:

  • Business License of the manufacturing unit.
  • Test Report.
  • Trademark Certificate.
  • Product manual for the devices under the application.

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Process of BIS CRS Registration 

The process for BIS CRS registration of Electronic Video Games - IS 616:2010* - differs according to the manufacturing unit's location and the basic requirements of the Indian BIS Certification. There are differences in the BIS CRS registration procedure for foreign and domestic (Indian) manufacturers. To learn more about the detailed procedure of BIS CRS Registration, click here.


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