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BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) has taken a proactive step in addressing various queries related to BIS/CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme) registration. These Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) offer comprehensive answers to numerous inquiries that manufacturers, importers, and stakeholders may have regarding the registration process. Some of the key questions include:

  • Determining eligibility for obtaining the Unique Registration Number: whether it's the manufacturer or importer.
  • Clarifying the party responsible for bearing the registration costs.
  • Outlining the timeframe for testing, sample collection, and registration.
  • Providing insights on when testing is required, specifically if it's necessary for every lot.
  • Addressing concerns about accommodating identical models with minor changes for registration without additional testing.
  • Clarifying whether FR (Fire Retardant) Grade material is mandatory under the standards.
  • Establishing liability for testing of imported products, whether it falls on the importer or the foreign manufacturer, among various other queries.

These FAQs serve as a valuable resource for all stakeholders, offering transparency and guidance to navigate the BIS/CRS registration.


Kindly refer the FAQ sheets released by BIS office to know more:

BIS FAQs Phase 1-3: View / Download

BIS FAQs Phase 4: View / Download


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