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BIS / CRS Registration for Television other than Plasma / LCD / LED TV / Smart TV

Television other than Plasma / LCD / LED TV / Smart TV
BIS / CRS is mandatory for

Television other than Plasma / LCD / LED TV / Smart TV

IS Standard : IS 616 : 2017

Televisions have come a long way from the traditional cathode ray tube (CRT) models, which are no longer in mainstream use due to advancements in display technology. However, there are alternative television technologies beyond the popular Plasma, LCD, LED, and Smart TVs. One such technology is an OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diode) TV. OLED TVs are popular for their exceptional picture quality, with each pixel emitting its own light, allowing for perfect blacks, vibrant colors, and high contrast.

Another innovative technology is QLED (Quantum Dot Light Emitting Diode) TV, which uses quantum dots to enhance colour and brightness. These technologies provide viewers with a superior visual experience and continue to evolve, offering more energy-efficient and thinner television designs. While Plasma and CRT TVs have faded into obsolescence, these alternative technologies are shaping the future of television display, providing excellent options for those seeking the latest in visual quality and innovation.

IS 616: 2017 is an Indian Standard that covers safety requirements for various types of electronic devices, including televisions other than Plasma/LCD/LED/Smart TVs. These standards reduce the risk of electrical accidents, such as electric shocks or fires, making the product safer for consumers. Compliance with recognized safety standards enhances consumer trust in the safety and reliability of these products. Manufacturers need to comply with these standards to meet regulatory requirements and ensure their products are legally compliant and safe for consumers.

Note: Manufacturers of Televisions other than Plasma/LCD/LED TV/Smart TV are required to obtain the mandatory BIS/CRS Registration to launch their products in the Indian market.

BIS/CRS Registration underscores the critical need to ensure that these televisions meet stringent quality and safety standards set by the BIS. This registration is an essential measure that assures consumers, manufacturers, and regulatory authorities that these televisions meet the prescribed quality and safety criteria, ultimately ensuring the availability of safe and dependable television options in the Indian market.


About BIS/CRS Registration

Bureau of Indian Standards is a statutory body in India responsible for the formulation and implementation of standards to ensure the quality and safety of various products. Under the BIS framework, there exists a scheme called CRS (Compulsory Registration Scheme), which mandates that certain categories of products must undergo mandatory registration and comply with specified quality and safety standards before they can be sold in the Indian market. This scheme was established in 2012 and has since played a crucial role in enhancing product quality and safety in India by ensuring that items such as electronics, appliances and automotive components meet the necessary standards before they reach consumers. BIS/CRS Registration is vital for market access, as it is a legal requirement for selling the product in India. Failure to obtain this registration can result in confiscation of goods and legal consequences. Therefore, manufacturers and importers need to be diligent in ensuring their products meet the necessary criteria.


Required Documents for BIS/CRS Registration

The list of documents required for BIS/CRS registration is as follows:

  • PCB Layout
  • Schematic Diagram
  • User Manual

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Process for BIS/CRS Registration

Follow the given steps to complete your BIS/CRS registration process:

Step 1: Register on the BIS portal and obtain your login credentials

Step 2: Choose a test lab and generate a test request

Step 3: Submit the sample(s) to the lab

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