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Patent Registration Process – Get Patent Certificate, Apply for Patent

Patent Registration

Learn Patent Registration Process

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn everything about Patent Registration and the complete process to get Patent.

A patent is a kind of Intellectual Property Right or IPR which is given for invention or invention related work. It is always country specific and the grant of patent is given by competent authority.

Patent Registration technically ensures a grant of periodic ownership on invention or invention-related work to creator. A Patent may include many claims, each of which defines a specific property right. No one can imitate the product if patent is given to that product.

The documents required for Patent Registration to apply include the information like name and address of applicant, copy of specification in english, duly signed General Power of Attorney in original, invention disclosure form, etc.

Patent Registration process may take 42 to 60 months approx., if there is no objection or opposition raised.

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