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EPR Authorization

Learn EPR Authorization Process

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn everything about EPR Authorization and the complete process to get EPR Certificate.

EPR Authorization is a kind of registration which is given by the Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB), Ministry of Environment & Forests. It is also known as EPRA Registration. The objective of EPR Authorization is to recycle the waste back into the system to recover resources from it and protect environment.

EPR Authorization is mandatory for electronic & electrical products like laptops, computers, telephones, printers, washing machines, battery, chargers and many others.

All the Indian manufacturers or importers of the listed mandatory electronic & electrical products need to apply for EPR Registration.

The documents required for EPR Authorizationto apply include the information like product details, manufacturer / importer details, authorized signatory details, toll-free number and some prescribed forms & documents.

To get EPR Certificate, it may take about 40 to 60 working days.

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