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WPC Approval

Learn WPC Approval Process

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn everything about WPC Approval and the complete process to get WPC Certificate.

The Equipment Type Approval (ETA) is generally called WPC Approval. This is compulsory for unlicensed frequency-based Wireless and Bluetooth items, the frequency band which comes under the range defined by WPC. A separate Import License issued by WPC may also be required along with ETA to import the product.

All the Indian manufacturers or importers of unlicensed frequency-based wireless and bluetooth items need to apply for WPC Approval.

A foreign manufacturer may also apply for ETA through Indian Importer or any Business Organization in India authorized by the foreign manufacturer.

The documents required for WPC Approval to apply include the information like, radio frequency test report, Indian manufacturer / importer details and some prescribed documents.

To get WPC Certificate, it may take 20-25 working days.

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