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Trademark Registration

Learn Trademark Registration Process

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn everything about Trademark Registration and the complete process to get Trademark.

Trademark Registration is a processed status of ownership of specific brand in particular country. No one else can do the business in the name of your brand in specific product category, if you have registered trademark for particular product category in particular country.

There are 45 product classes in India and you need to select your proper class for TM registration as per your product definition. Your Trademark will be protected only for that class in which you have got the registration. Further, it is important to know that you can apply for TM with word mark or logo mark in all classes.

You can also apply for both word mark and logo mark together but it will be considered as 2 TM Applications separately. It is country specific. You need to apply for TM Registration in the particular country where you want to do your business. If you want to do your business in India then you need to apply for TM Registration in India in particular product class.

The documents required for Trademark Registration to apply include the information like name of trademark / logo, applicant details and product category details.

Trademark Registration process may take 6 to 7 months depending on merit of the case.

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