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ISI / BIS Certification

Learn ISI / BIS Certification Process

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn everything about ISI Certification and the complete process to get ISI Certificate.

ISI Certification is a compliance which provides quality-assurance of product that increases the confidence of customers and provides a safeguard to their health and safety concerns. Since ISI Certificate is issued by BIS in India, sometimes people refer ISI Certificate as BIS Certificate.

ISI Certification is mandatory for some products and also can be taken as voluntarily for other products.

There are many products categories which come under mandatory list like cement, household electrical goods, kitchen appliances, packaged drinking water, electrical transformers, electrical motors, food products, automobile accessories, cylinders, medical equipments, steel products and many others. The manufacturer of product which are mentioned in mandatory list, need to apply for ISI Certification. There is no matter whether factory is inside India as domestic manufacturer or outside India as foreign manufacturer. All have to get ISI Certification before selling the product in India.

The documents required for ISI Certification to apply include the information like product details, trademark registration details, factory details, internal lab details as per IS Standard, product test report issued by internal lab and some prescribed forms & documents. If factory is located outside of India i.e. in case of foreign manufacturer, one importer or one business organization as Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) will be needed. After submission of the application form, a nominated BIS Officer will visit the factory to verify the quality manufacturing system, irrespective of factory location whether it is inside India or outside India.

ISI Certification process for Foreign manufacturer (5 - 6 months approx.) / ISI Certification process for Indian manufacturer may take 25 -40 working days approx depending on nature of product and factory location.

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