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BEE Registration

Learn BEE Registration Process

In this video tutorial, you’ll learn everything about BEE Registration and the complete process to get BEE Certificate.

BEE Registration is the labeling certification, from 1 star to 5 stars, regarding power consumption for household electrical appliances & equipments. Higher star-rating product means higher energy-saving product. The objective of the BEE Registration is to provide the information to consumers regarding power consumption pattern of the product relatively.

BEE Registration is mandatory for some products and also can be taken as voluntarily for other products.

There are many products categories which come under mandatory list like frost-free refrigerators, color TVs, all kind of ACs, distribution transformers, tubular florescent lamps, LED lamps, electric geysers and direct cool refrigerators. The products on which BEE Star Labeling is voluntary are washing machines, microwave ovens, ceiling fans, laptop, scanners, solar water heater and many others.

All the manufacturers of the listed products under mandatory scheme need to apply for BEE Registration. If manufacturing unit is inside India then Factory will apply directly and if manufacturing unit is outside India i.e. for foreign manufacturer and it has no any office in India then the first importer or any business organization notified as Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) will need to apply for BEE Registration on behalf of manufacturer, as per the guidelines issued by BEE India. No dealer, distributor, wholesaler or retailer can apply for BEE Registration.

The documents required for BEE Registration to apply include the information like trademark details, factory details, product details, product samples for testing and some prescribed forms & docs, which have to be prepared. If factory is located outside of India i.e. in case of foreign manufacturer, one importer or one business organization as Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) will be needed.

To get BEE Certificate, it may take 20-40 working days depending on product status.

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