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BEE Registration

For Energy Consuming Appliances

Post BEE Approval

After BEE approval, there are specific post-approval requirements and processes that manufacturers and importers must adhere to:

  • Submit the product manufacturing/import data for registered models on a quarterly basis to BEE. This information should be accompanied by a certification from an independent Chartered Accountant.
  • Ensure that a registered model remains available in the market for a minimum of one year and cannot be withdrawn during this period.
  • Provide BEE with information regarding the model's availability in the country, including its location details.
  • If no production occurs within the first six months after receiving permission, the permittee must revalidate and confirm to BEE that production has commenced, and the condition 'c' mentioned above will then apply. This process will continue for a maximum of three years or until the label's validity expires.


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