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BEE Registration for General Purpose Industrial Motor ( Induction Motors )

General Purpose Industrial Motor ( Induction Motors )
BEE Registration is mandatory for

General Purpose Industrial Motor ( Induction Motors )

Standards : IS 15999, IS 12615 and Schedule 6

BEE Registration for Induction Motors is a voluntary registration scheme for suppliers of 3 phase squirrel cage induction motors in 2, 4 and 6 Pole configurations for continuous duty (S1) operation, rated for output from 0.37kW to 375kW. The intent of BEE Registration is to promote the efficient use of energy in induction motors by providing a method to compare the efficiency of motors from different suppliers. BEE Registered induction motors are more likely to be more efficient than unregistered motors, thereby saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. BEE Registration is applicable for both new and existing induction motors. Suppliers of BEE registered induction motors must meet the minimum eligibility criteria as outlined in IS 12615:2011. All BEE Registered induction motors must be labeled with a BEE rating sticker, which includes the name of the supplier, the model number, the BEE Rating and the date of registration. 

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