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BEE Registration for Microwave Ovens, BEE India

BEE Registration for Microwave Ovens

Microwave Ovens
BEE Registration is mandatory for

Microwave Ovens

Standards : IS 302-2-25, IEC60705 and Schedule 22

BEE Registration for Microwave Ovens Standards: IS 302-2-25, IEC60705 and Schedule 22. All types of counter-top microwave ovens (including combination microwave ovens) meant for household or similar use, with or without grill or convection functions are included. Any additional feature built into the oven, from technology perspective, are also covered. The BEE Registration for Microwave Ovens covers all the functions offered by the oven, whether those functions are activated at the time of BEE testing or not. BEE has taken a decision to fix the energy consumption limit for microwave ovens as per international best practices and as per the IEC standard 60350-2 applicability scope. The BEE logo on a product means it meets BEE standards for that product category. The BEE registration for Microwave Oven is voluntary. The BEE certified logo on a product gives confidence to consumers about it meeting BEE standards for that product category. BEE registered products also carry the registration number assigned by BEE. BEE will review the performance of all registered models at least once in two years and may delist a model if it is found not conforming to BEE standards.

Brand Liaison provide complete BEE registration consultancy services for the Microwave Ovens from start to end, during which we assist you in all types of documentation formalities and all liaisons with BEE Office in India.

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