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BEE Registration for Ballast (Electronic / Magnetic), BEE India

BEE Registration for Ballast (Electronic / Magnetic)

Ballast (Electronic / Magnetic)
BEE Registration is mandatory for

Ballast (Electronic / Magnetic)

Standards : IS 1534-1, IS 13021, IS 15885-2-8, IS 14700-3-2, IS16873-5 and Schedule 15

BEE Registration for Ballast (Electronic / Magnetic) under Standards : IS 1534-1, IS 13021, IS 15885-2-8, IS 14700-3-2, IS16873-5 and Schedule 15 standards are important for ensuring that electronic and magnetic ballasts used in tubular fluorescent lamps (TFL) and single capped fluorescent lamps are up to scratch. These standards cover aspects such as wind resistance and heat generation, meaning that you can be sure that your ballast will perform well even in adverse conditions. BEE registration is a voluntary process, but it provides peace of mind that the product you're using meets the highest standards. By choosing BEE registered ballast, you can be confident that you're using a product that is fit for purpose and will help to ensure the long-term performance of your lighting system.

Brand Liaison provide complete BEE registration consultancy services for the Ballast (Electronic / Magnetic) from start to end, during which we assist you in all types of documentation formalities and all liaisons with BEE Office in India.

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