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ISI / BIS Certification forHelmet for riders of Two Wheeler Motor Vehicles

Helmet for riders of Two Wheeler Motor Vehicles
ISI / BIS Certification is mandatory for

Helmet for riders of Two Wheeler Motor Vehicles

IS Standard : IS 4151

All Helmet for riders of Two Wheeler Motor Vehicles has been included in the mandatory ISI Certification Scheme under IS standard - IS 4151. This product cannot be exported/imported or sold in Indian consumer market without ISI Mark imprinted. We provide complete ISI Certification consultancy services for your product from start to end, during which assist you in all types of documentation formalities and we take care of all liaison with BIS Office in India.

Two wheeler helmets are utilized by cruiser and bike riders. The essential objective of helmets is to secure the rider's head during sway, subsequently forestalling or lessening head injury and saving the rider's life. India being the universe's greatest bike market is additionally the greatest market for bike and cruiser protective caps. There are 20 Million bikes sold yearly and in excess of 250 Million bike handling on Indian roads. Therefore, India's protective cap i.e. two wheeler helmets market is the universe's greatest. On a normal basis there are 500,000 street mishaps on Indian street passing's per annum and over 30% include bike riders, consequently there has been developing emphasis on protective cap enactment by many state governments in India. Because of developing street fatalities, and less than impressive street foundations in India, presently many state governments have made head protectors obligatory for riders just as pillions. There have likewise been different drives like the Tamil Nadu government upholding an old Motor Vehicle rule which says bike organizations should likewise supply BIS agreeable protective caps to their clients.

In India, a wide scope of caps are marked down including type, color's, illustrations, plans, and level of security. Be that as it may, there are essentially three sorts of head protectors: Full-face, Open-face, Modular

The vast majority of the protective caps, prior to being sold, go through a severe arrangement of standard rules. India has its own arrangement of rules for caps, set up by the Bureau of Indian principles (BIS). Those head protectors which agree with the above Standards get an 'ISI' affirmation sticker, for the most part seen on the rear of the cap. There are additionally different brands with global principles confirmation like DOT, ECE and SNELL accessible in India. As of late, bike makers have additionally begun retailing their own line of head protectors. Illustrious Enfield and Vespa as of now have their own line of caps and now electric bike startup, Ather Energy will likewise dispatch its "Shrewd" and Bluetooth associated protective caps. The greatest danger in India's protective cap market is warding off rivalry from territorial disorderly players who sell head protectors at 60-70% lower cost than marked caps and have a grounded presence Pan-India. A high 18% GST makes the marked head protectors significantly more exorbitant or ugly to low pay and less educated purchasers, particularly given the way that street enactment authorization is a state subject.

The competitive landscape of India protective cap market is profoundly divided with disorderly players bookkeeping more than 2/third of market. The caps fabricated by territorial merchants are of bad quality and frequently sold by road sellers at under 300 INR ($5). As of Jan 2020, there are in excess of 200 cap producers in India and under 10% of them go along with security principles. In the coordinated portion, Steel bird is the market chief. Steel bird, STUDS and Vega are among the most sought after head protector brands in India.

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has passed a notice expressing that each of the bike protective caps should be Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) confirmed and should convey the Indian norm (ISI) mark. As indicated by the new notice, the bike caps bearing the BIS and ISI confirmation will be permitted to be sold in the country. The justification for this progression is to limit and ultimately destroy the offer of bad quality bike head protectors and improve their security. All brands of Helmet are classified under IS 4151 and are required to get ISI Certification before its launch or import into the Indian market. ISI Certification will be provided to the product manufacturers (whether Indian or non-Indian) only and not provided to the trader, dealer or distributor of the product. At Brand Liaison we provide ISI Certificate for Helmets.

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