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EPR Authorization for Electric cookers

Electric cookers

EPR authorization is mandatory for

Electric cookers

Category : EPR Authorization


Electric cookers require EPR Authorization. It is the responsibility of Manufacturer or Importer to ensure environmentally sound management of E-waste generated by electrical / electronic products at the end of its life. Under the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) policy,  responsibility  for  end-of-life  management  of  e-waste  generated  from  electrical  and  electronic  equipment  lies  with  the  manufacturer/importer. The obligation is on them to set up a system for collecting, transporting and recycling this waste in an environmentally sustainable manner. They are also required to periodically report to the Government on the progress made in implementing their EPR plans. Through these measures, it is hoped that e-waste will be managed in a more responsible and sustainable manner, benefiting both the environment and society as a whole.

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