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EPR Registration for Dialysis equipment and accessories

EPR Authorization for Dialysis equipment and accessories

Dialysis equipment and accessories

EPR authorization is mandatory for

Dialysis equipment and accessories

Category : EPR Authorization

EEE Code : MDW3

Dialyzer machine includes a blood pump to move blood between patient and dialyzer, a delivery system to transport dialysis solution, and monitoring devices. EPR Authorization is required for Dialysis equipment and accessories. It is the responsibility of Manufacturer / Importer to ensure environmentally sound management of E-waste generated by electrical / electronic products at the end of its life. EPR authorization ensures environmental sound management of E-waste by manufacturers / importers of EEE products. The EPR authorization system covers all aspects related to E-waste management starting from collection, storage, transportation, dismantling & recycling and final disposal. The manufacturers or importers shall be responsible for collection and treatment of E-Waste generated from their products throughout their product's lifetime.

Brand Liaison helps in documentation and procedures for obtaining an EPRA Certificate.

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