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What is BEE India Registration?

BEE Star Rating Agency is an agency of Government of India, under Ministry of Power working for the conservation of energy. BEE India (Bureau of Energy Efficiency) functions to make people aware of efficient use of energy. Electronic and electrical product manufacturers must opt for BEE consulting services to have BEE Star Rating for their product. The higher the star rating of a product, the higher energy it can save.

BEE Star Rating Purpose and Benefits

  • Increased performance of the product
  • Lowering electrical cost
  • Availability of quality product
  • Allows customers to make better choices
  • Helping the environment

Who can apply for BEE Star Rating

Any Indian or foreign manufacturer of electronic and electrical products (BEE mandatory products) can apply for BEE Star Rating. To apply for BEE Star Rating, in case of Indian OEM, Authorized Signatory is mandatory via Authorization Letter from the manufacturer. In case of Foreign OEM, foreign manufacturer must have an Authorized Indian Representative and Signatory (AIR) located in India.

Is it mandatory to obtain BEE India Registration?

BEE India Registration is a mandatory registration for for electronic and electrical products as per the mandatory list.

BEE India Products for BEE Star Rating

BEE Registration is mandatory for some products and few other products are voluntary. So, there are two different lists, one is for mandatory products and other is for voluntary products as below:

Mandatory Product List

  1. Color TV
  2. Direct Cool Refrigerator
  3. Distribution Transformer
  4. Electric Geysers
  5. Frost Free (No-Frost) Refrigerator
  6. Inverter AC
  7. LED Bulbs
  8. RAC (Cassette, Floor Standing Tower, Ceiling, Corner AC)
  9. Room Air Conditioners
  10. Tubular Fluorescent Lamps

Voluntary Product List

  1. Agricultural Pump Sets
  2. Ballast (Electronic / Magnetic)
  3. Ceiling Fans
  4. Chillers
  5. Computer (Notebook / Laptops)
  6. Diesel Engine Driven Monoset Pumps for Agricultural Purposes
  7. Diesel Generator
  8. Domestic Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG) Stoves
  9. Induction Motors
  10. Microwave Ovens
  11. Office equipment (Printer, Copier, Scanner, MFD)
  12. Solar Water Heaters
  13. Solid State Inverters
  14. Washing Machine

BEE India Registration Process

BEE India Registration involves the following steps:

Step-1: Submission of Test Report along with product sample and required documents

Step-2: Brand Registration on BEE portal along with security fee payment

Step-3: Submission of hard copy of application to BEE duly signed by Authorized Signatory

Step-4: BEE will activate the link for product registration after Brand Registration

Step-5: Applying Online Application Form

Step-6: Uploading the required documents to BEE portal

Step-7: Online payment of product registration fee to BEE portal

Step-8: Submission of hard copy of application to BEE duly signed by Authorized Signatory

Step-9: Grant of BEE Star Rating

Documents Required for BEE Star Rating

The documents required for BEE Star Rating are as follows:

  • Sample(s) along with user manual
  • Copy of Factory License
  • Copy of BIS License
  • Copy of online security deposit payment
  • Print out of online Brand registration application along with fee payment proof
  • Copy of Brand / Trade Mark Registration
  • Copy of MSME certificate (for Indian OEM only)
  • Copy of valid ISO 9001 certificate
  • Authorized signatory letter
  • Print out of online product registration application along with fee payment proof

BEE India Star Rating Certificate Validity and Renewal

BEE India Registration is valid for 3 years from the date of issue and it can be renewed subsequently.

Brand Liaison provides quality BEE Consulting Services for electronic and electrical home appliances to Indian as well as foreign manufacturers. Brand Liaison assist in complete process of BEE India Registration from Submission of Application to Grant of BEE Star Rating.

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