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TEC Certificate for Satellite Communication Systems, TEC Certification C

TEC Certification for Satellite Communication Systems

Satellite Communication Systems

TEC is mandatory for

Satellite Communication Systems

Product : Satellite Communication Systems
Scheme : GCS
Group : C

TEC Certification for Satellite Communication Systems is a process of validating that a system meets the TEC requirements for space borne equipment. TEC certification is important because it gives users confidence that the equipment will perform as specified and will not cause interference with other systems. TEC certification is also a requirement for many government procurement contracts. The TEC certification process includes extensive testing of the equipment in an anechoic chamber, as well as modeling and analysis to verify that the equipment meets the TEC requirements. TEC certification is a time-consuming and expensive process, but it is essential for ensuring the performance of satellite communication systems. TEC Certification for Satellite Communication Systems under Scheme: GCS and Group: C

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