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For Telecom Equipments


TEC Registration / Certification is given to a Telecom Product or network which will be interfaced with Indian Telecom network. Any Original Equipment Manufacturer and Importer, who wants to sell, import, or use any telecom equipment in India, has to obtain TEC Certificate from Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC India), Department of Telecommunications, Ministry of Communications, Government of India.

How to get TEC Certification in India?

TEC Certification is given after testing and evaluating the product for compliance. TEC Certificate will be given to manufacturer.

Brand Liaison has the team of committed TEC Registration specialists who excellently utilize their skills and provide complete support and assistance in getting TEC Certification in India from start to end. For details, please check the Important Information given below.

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Mandatory Product List

Mandatory List of Products for TEC Certification is as below:


1. Two Wire Telephone Equipment (SCS)
2. Conferencing Equipment
3. Conferencing and Presentation Equipment
4. Group 3 Fax Machine (SCS)
5. Data Modem (connectable on 2-wire Analog Line) (SCS)
6. Point of Sale (POS) Devices with or without Biometric Scanner
7. Cord Less Telephone (GCS)
8. PON Family of Broadband Equipments (ONT, ONU, OLT)
9. Media Converter equipment (for conversion amongst E1, WiFi, xDSL, Ethernet and Digital Interfaces over 2 Wire)
10. IoT Gateway with Cellular Connectivity
11. Endpoint Device for Environmental Monitoring with Cellular Connectivity
12. Feedback Devices (IoT) with Cellular Connectivity
13. Sensing and Tracking Devices with Cellular Connectivity
14. Smart Electricity Meter with Cellular Connectivity
15. Smart Watch with Cellular Connectivity
16. Smart Camera with Cellular Connectivity
17. HF Radio Base Station and User Terminals
18. Router
19. LAN Switch
20. Mobile Devices including Handsets, Tablets with SIM and Data Card
21. Mobile BTS (Base Station for Cellular Network)
22. Compact Cellular Network
23. Repeater for Cellular Network
24. Point to Point and Point to Multi-point Microwave Fixed Radio Systems
25. VHF and UHF Radio Base Station and User Terminals
26. Mobile Radio Trunking System Base Station and User Terminals
27. Equipment Operating in 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Frequency Bands
28. Satellite Communication Systems
29. IP Terminal
30. Media Gateway
31. Signalling Gateway
32. Session Border Controller
33. Soft Switch
34. ISDN Customer Premises Equipment (SCS)
35. PABX (GCS)
36. Telephony Application Server
37. Telephony Media Server
38. Transmission Terminal Equipments (SDH Equipment, Multiplexing Equipment)


TEC Certification is currently applicable for Yellow highlighted products.


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