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WPC / ETA Approval Certification Services

WPC stands for Wireless Planning & Coordination was created in 1952 and its headquarter in New Delhi as well as other regional offices in Mumbai, Chennai, Calcutta and Guwahati. WPC is the national broadcasting authority and is part of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

What are the licenses issued by WPC?

The process of applying is online to check the status of the online application. To apply for a WPC license, the applicant is required to create a user ID on the WPC portal. After the user ID is created, applicants can carry out various activities.

There is a list of licenses issued by WPC, which can be applied for:

  • Network License
  • Non-Network License
  • Coordination License
  • Certificates
  • Equipment Type Approval (ETA Approval)
  • Amateur License

Registered users with the above WPC Certification applications can also file SACFA applications. To ensure smooth flow of work, it is suggested to create a login ID and complete all the required activities with that ID and password.

Who can apply for WPC ETA Approval?

WPC ETA Approval is granted to Indian agencies only. No foreign manufacturer is allowed to apply directly for ETA Approval. However, if any foreign manufacturer wants to apply for ETA Approval, they will have to submit an authorization letter authorizing an Indian agency (Authorized Indian Representative - AIR) for the same and stating the same with the authority.

Products covered under WPC ETA Approval?

ETA Approval is necessary for all wireless devices in India. WPC mandatory product categories for ETA Approval are listed below:

  • Antennas
  • Receiver
  • Transmitter
  • Transceiver
  • Radio sets, etc.

Only frequencies are allowed on unlicensed bands. There should never be limits mentioned in the frequency range. Therefore, manufacturers must know in advance which precise frequencies they are allowed to use.

How to Apply for WPC Import License?

  1. Open WPC official website
  2. Create a new account or Sign Up
  3. Fill you're all required details
  4. After signing up, select the license you want to apply for
  5. Upload all the required documents with application and prescribed fees in WPC office.
  6. Once the application is accepted by WPC. The WPC license is granted.

Procedure to Apply for ETA Approval

  • Online Application submission along with a proper selection of products and categories. Wrong selection leads to the rejection of the application.
  • The system generates an Application ID.
  • A hard copy of the application will be submitted to the WPC office
  • Later verifying the documents and information WPC authority allows the license.

Documents Required for ETA Approval

Following documents and information are indicative lists to be provided for applying to the WPS Department:

For ETA Approval

  • Business Owner Photo ID Proof Of Owner: Aadhar card / Arms License / Department Id / Driving License / Freedom Fighter id card / Pan Card / Passbook / Passport / Ration Card / Voter id card
  • Business Owner Address Proof: Aadhar card / Arms License / Department ID / Driving License / Freedom Fighter ID Card / Pan Card / Passbook / Passport / Ration Card / Voter id card
  • Proof of Possession of Premises: Sale deed / Rent agreement / Electricity Bill, etc.
  • Company Documents: MOA / Company Incorporation Documents / Partnership Deed
  • Letter Head: 1 signed and stamped, scanned letterhead
  • Radio Frequency Exposure Report (RF Report): A detailed report of performance and functionality of the wireless device. This includes products with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, small digital radios (Zigbee), and radio frequency identification among others.
  • Product Technical Guide: Document relating technical details about the product - like, user manual.

ETA Approval Validity and Renewal

ETA stands for Equipment Type Approval; it's given for a particular model and is valid as long as the product model is being manufactured without any modification.
ETA Approval needs no renewal.

Brand Liaison is a team of professional WPC Consultants dedicated to provide fast and reliable WPC Certification Services to Wireless and Bluetooth product manufacturers in an easiest way. Brand Liaison acts as Authorized Indian Representative (AIR) for foreign manufacturers to get their product ETA Approved from WPC India.

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