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EPR AuthorizationEPR Authorization

For E-Waste Products

Required Documents

The list of documents required for EPRA for E-waste is as follows:

Address Proof Documents:

  • Address proof of the Manufacturer/Importer
  • Copy of the GST document showing the manufacturing unit's address
  • Copy of document/certificate from the Company Registrar, Directorate of Company, or a letter containing the Import-Export code

Product Information (including model numbers and production/import history):

  • Provide details about electrical and electronic equipment introduced to the market in the last 10 years, categorized by year, including data on quantity, numbers, and weight

Valid BIS License:

  • Copy of the ISI mark or BIS Registration number certificate if it is applicable

CPCB Certification:

  • Submit a self-declaration confirming compliance with RoHS in the specified format
  • Copy of PAN
  • Submit technical documents like Supplier Declarations and Materials Analytical Reports to confirm the product's adherence to RoHS provisions as per the EU's EN 50581 standard, or provide a RoHS Certificate as evidence
  • Information about the Authorized Person (signatory), including their name, complete address, email, phone number, and a copy of the Aadhar Card, etc.
  • KYC details of the Manufacturer/Importer Company, including contact number, email address, website information, and more
  • List of all offices
  • E-product details like the name of the product, name of the brand, model number, volume, etc.
  • Plan for creating awareness, approach for implementation, and budget allocation for EPR and related initiatives
  • Flowchart depicting the steps involved in collecting E-waste and transporting it to the recycling facility
  • Predicted E-waste generation by item type and projected collection goals for the upcoming year(s), including waste generated at service centres
  • Copies of agreements with Dealers, Recyclers, Collection centres, Treatment facilities, Storage sites, Disposal facilities, etc.


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