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EPR AuthorizationEPR Authorization

For E-Waste Products

Post CPCB Approval

After obtaining EPR Authorization from CPCB, it is essential to be aware of the following:

  • After granting EPR Authorization, the CPCB will forward the EPR Plan to the respective State Pollution Control Board for ongoing monitoring.
  • The concerned State Pollution Control Board will diligently oversee compliance with the EPR Authorization and the submitted plan. In case of any non-compliance, they will take necessary actions and promptly inform the CPCB.
  • CPCB has the right to conduct random inspections to ensure adherence to the established regulations.
  • EPR Authorized units are mandated to maintain comprehensive records related to E-waste management and must submit annual returns.
  • CPCB may conduct random sampling of electrical and electronic equipment available in the market to verify adherence to RoHS provisions in accordance with its guidelines. The associated costs for sample collection and testing will be the responsibility of the EPR Authorized organization.


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EPR Authorization
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