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EPR AuthorizationEPR Authorization

For P-Waste Products

Plastic Packaging Categories Under EPR

The Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) framework for plastic packaging introduces specific categories to address the diverse range of plastic materials and products that contribute to environmental impact and waste.

These categories are designed to streamline the management of plastic packaging waste, promote recycling and minimise environmental harm. The categories are as follows:

Category I: Rigid Plastic Packaging

​​This category encompasses rigid plastic packaging materials. 

Category II: Flexible Plastic Packaging

This category includes single-layer or multi-layer flexible plastic packaging, where the latter comprises more than one layer with varying types of plastic.

Category III: Multilayered Plastic Packaging

Multilayered plastic packaging, which consists of at least one plastic layer and at least one layer made of materials other than plastic, falls under this category.

Category IV: Plastic Sheet and Compostable Carry Bags

This category covers plastic sheets used for packaging purposes and carry bags made from compostable plastics.

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